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Since Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms used by more than 335 million active users, it serves as an excellent medium to promote your brand and reach your audiences. However, creating a Twitter handle, filling out the company details and posting updates about your business is not enough. In order to grow your Twitter followers, you need to market it well at the right places and build your brand to generate leads. A successful Twitter marketing strategy is one that helps you to engage with your target audience and interact with them in a powerful way. Twitter is one social networking site that helps you can unlock multiple opportunities by nurturing your brand online. At Audience Gain, we offer effective and affordable Twitter marketing services that can help you not just create a buzz about your business but also strengthen your brand.

How Twitter Marketing Works?

Like other networking sites and blogs, Twitter is not about broadcasting long pieces of text. Most of the activities conducted on Twitter are related to interactions. You can use this site for:

• Interacting with audience
• Broadcasting information
• Promoting brand & building reputation
• Engaging & knowing the audience

With intelligent Twitter marketing strategies, you can drive traffic, increase conversions and boost sales effectively. By using direct links on your Twitter posts, you can drive more traffic to your business blog or website. With the help of integrated messaging on Twitter, you can increase your conversions in the form of enrollments, subscriptions and sign ups. You can post videos, blog posts and images on your Twitter page, and convince audience to boost your business sales.

How AudienceGain can help...

AudienceGain can help your business in the following ways: • Setting business goals: Most businesses aim at generating leads, boosting sales, building brand and creating product awareness. For instance, you may set a goal to bring at least 30 subscriptions in a month. Once we have set your goals, we measure your progress and redefine the strategy, if need be.

• Knowing the competition: Twitter can help you in understanding the plus and minus points of your competitors. Audience Gain can use this information to market your brand more effectively. • Identifying your end customers: Professionals know how to reach out to your target audience, and engage them with your brand and turn them into customers.
• Using relevant Twitter tools: Twitter has different tools that can be helpful in managing your marketing strategy and applying it in the best possible way. There are several tools that are meant to find trending topics on the Internet, edit tweet images, analyze competition, find industry experts, time the posts to gain maximum impact etc.
• Building a good profile: A great Twitter profile will not only put a nice face on your business account but will also improve the appearance of your business and build trust among your audience.
• Monitoring retweets: By keeping an eye on your retweets, we find out what your audience is interested in, what they are talking about, what they think about your business, etc.
• Creating good content: While you have only 280 characters to tweet, you still need to write something that is easy to understand, attractive to read and connect with the audience. With professional writing, these experts create good content to post on your tweets.

In order to achieve all these goals, AudienceGain offers different types of Twitter marketing services, including packages for:

1. Twitter followers
2. Twitter retweets
3. Twitter auto likes/ retweets

You can choose the Twitter marketing package as per your business type and requirements, and use this social networking site to do viral marketing of your business effectively.

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