How to Make Money on Twitch?

Twitch is an online live streaming platform that was launch in 2011 by Amazon. In the beginning, it was only a game streaming platform, but with the passage of time and due to its popularity, streaming of various categories including music, arts, etc. was also allowed on the Twitch.

Many people are aware that they can generate a large amount of money through this platform. But they are not aware of the methods which they can use to earn money on Twitch.

So I have written a comprehensive article on the topic “How to Make Money on Twitch” which will let you know about the various technologies that you can use to earn from Twitch TV.

1. Twitch Affiliate Program

Twitch affiliate program is one of the major methods to earn money from Twitch TV. But to apply for the affiliate program, the user has to follow some rules. There are various achievements that help will you to get eligible for this affiliate problem.

These achievements demand the user to stream for almost eight hours in last one month, reach three or more average viewers in the previous month, stream on sever unique days in the previous month and maintain at least 50 followers.

After you have achieved all the mentioned things, then you must apply for the Twitch affiliate program. Once you have finishedall the achievements, you can apply for the affiliate program and the Twitch staff will have a look at your account.

After review your account they will decide whether to give you the approval or not. This program will open a subscription option on your account, and the user will have to pay some dollars to subscribe and view your content.

The subscription amount will be shared between the streamer and the twitch organization, and it will be charged on a monthly basis, so you will get the amount either the subscribers view your streaming or not.

2. Ad revenues

Just like Youtube, Twitch also displays various ads on streamerscontent. The ad revenue is shared between Twitch and the steamers. However, there is not any fixed income in the ad revenues. But most probably a streamer with more followers may get more income.

Other than the number of followers, the income also depends on the type of content you are displaying on your twitch account.

For example, a person with a music content as compared to a person with gaming content will have variation in ads and income. The income generated from Twitch is much higher in comparison to other similar platforms, including Youtube.

3. Donations

Donations are another way that a Twitch streamer can utilize to earn money. This type of income is also not fixed. Sometimes, a streamer can generate thousands of dollars per month through donations while sometime they might earn nothing via donation.

The donation amount totally depends on the desire of the viewer. This amount doesn’t depend on the number of followers. But if you have a higher amount of followers, then there are higher chances that you might generate some good amount through these donations.

Imagine if you have millions of followers and all those followers donate a single dollar each for 30 days. You will become a millionaire if this happens.

4. Paid live streams

You may have seen various popular twitch streamers reviewingthe game through their live streaming even before the release. Many gaming companies give their product to twitch users with a good number of followers for testing purpose.

These organizations ask them to give a good review of their game, and in result, they pay a handsome amount to the streamer for streaming their game. These gaming companies usually target a high reputation twitch streamer because thousands of followers watch them playing the game.

This thing helps in the promotion of the game even before the release, which assists the organization to earn money and gain some new fans. So search for these companies who are in need of advertising their product.

5. Create Merchandise

Merchandise can also help you to earn a good amount of cash on the Twitch Tv. But if you are a beginner, then we will not recommend you to go for this source of income.

This method is not suggested for beginners because they might not be able to sell merchandise due to the lack of fan following. However, if you are having a large number of dedicated followers, then you should create your merchandise, promote it to your followers, and start generating revenue.

Make sure to create attractive merchandise related to your content, and you will see a huge sales in it. For example, if you are a game streamer, then you can create a T-shirt with a game controller printed on it. Or if you do music streaming, then you must print something related to music.

6. Collect Bits

Twitch also has a tipping system known as “Cheering.” With the help of these tipping system, viewers can gift any Twitch streaming a Twitch online currency recognized as “Bits”.

Viewers can purchase these bits from the official website of Twitch. These bits can also be earned by watching 30-seconds ads. For 100 bits, a viewer has to pay 1.40 USD. The prices of these bits increase, with the increase in the number of bits.

If a viewer like something in your gameplay streaming, then you may see “cheerxx” in the chat bar which indicates that the viewers have gifted you some bits.

For example, if a viewer types “cheer100” then the streamer will earn 100 bits. So these Bits can also be a good source of earning on Twitch. Try to make your streaming enjoyable so that you get more amount of bits.

7. Affiliate link

An affiliate link is another way to earn money on Twitch TV. If you are streaming with a good following, then you can put the affiliate link of various gaming products in your streaming. If any viewer purchases anything through that link, then you will earn some revenue.

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