How To Get Viewers On Twitch

Getting views on Twitch is not an easy task to do. If you are a beginner who is just going to start streaming on Twitch, then you may struggle to get views. This article will show you how to get viewers on Twitch for cheap or even free!

Streamers usually have to work extremely hard to attract some viewers to their live stream. But at the same time, some streamers are able to get many views in a short time. Some tricks help these streamers to get views on Twitch with a little effort.

In this article, I’m going to share the six best tips that will surely help you to increase your viewership on Twitch Tv. After reading this article, you will get the answers to “how to get viewers on twitch?”

1. Quality matters

Good video and sound quality is the main thing that is loved by every viewer. No one wants to view a low-quality video. Try to use an HD streaming camera that will help you in this matter.

Other than the high definition video, you also need to take care of the sound quality. Video and audio, both work together to boost the experience of the user. Make sure that you are delivering a lag-free visual and audio result so that the viewer wants to stay on your stream.

So quality is a vital thing in streaming that may help you to get more views. Ensure an easy to hear audio and clear visual quality to get your desired viewership.

2. Choose the right game

Another thing you need to care about is that you are streaming the right game. People don’t like to watch all type of games. Try to go with the trend and stream a game that is currently popular.

Nowadays, games like PUBG, Fortnite has thousands of viewership, which means that people want to view this game. More popular a game is, higher are the chances of getting views on that game. So try to stream popular games to attract more viewership.

But make sure that not many streamers are streaming that particular game at the same time because then the chances of getting views are lower.  

Furthermore, you can also go for a newly released game. People want to explore a new game, so the streaming of a recently published game may also help you to get some view. Many Twitch streamer ignores new games, so there are many changes that you might be able to draw some viewership.

3. Promotion

Every famous twitch streamer usually promotes themselves in starting. Because in the beginner, getting views is a very challenging task to do and to overcome this challenge, you have to do a promotion or ask for it.

You can also ask your friends or family members to help you in this matter. Ask your friends and family members share your streaming to other twitch viewers. You can also promote your streaming to various famous platforms, including Facebook, Reddit, Youtube, and many more.

If you already have a Facebook page or some other platform resources with good engagement, then don’t miss the chance to promote yourself on these resources having high engagement because that will assist you in driving massive viewership.

Other than this, try to take part in different shout-out events. Or if you knew any popular Twitch streamer, you can ask them to help you in this matter. Getting a shout-out from a higher reputation twitch streamer can also help you to generate a massive amount of traffic to your streaming.

You can follow any of the promotion steps that work best for you, but don’t forget to promote because it’s an essential and significant step in developing your Twitch career. 

4. Make a Schedule

Many of the popular Twitch streamers have a monthly plan before starting the streaming. They don’t random gets up and start streaming. All the famous twitch streamers usually have a fixed schedule, and they just stick to that schedule, which helps them to grow faster.

Let take an example of your favorite TV show. All the TV shows have a planned timing which allows to user to tune in to that channel at that particular time and enjoy these shows.

This schedule helps those TV show to attract the same as well as new viewers to the show, and that is the same case with Twitch streaming.

So make sure that you have a correct schedule and try to stick to that schedule. Either you want to stream 5 hours a week, or 10hours per week, try to make a plan for that which will support you to earn regular viewership.

5. Correct Timing

Timing is another essential thing to consider if you want to get some views on your Twitch stream. Try to know a perfect time, when most of the people are active on Twitch to view various streaming.

About 9 O’ Clock is the best time when you may see a huge viewership on Twitch. That is the time when most of the people from all around the world are free from their daily life activity and search for different enjoyable streamers on twitch TV. So try to stream on a prime time when Twitch has more active users.

6. Stream regularly

If you look at some of the famous Twitch streamers, you will find out that they have one thing in common and that is consistency. Consistency may also help you to get some regular viewership.

In the beginner, you may not find some great success while doing a regular stream, but after something, this consistency will surely some good results.

For example, if you are streaming for one day and disappear for the next whole week, then you are definitely not going to get the result you want.

Even if you have some views and you become inconsistency, people will forget about you, and they will start searching for new streaming. So stream regularly, because it will have an impact on your viewership and after some time your regular views will find you stream a vital component on their routine.

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