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Are you looking towards strengthening your social media presence?  Have you tried every method in the book to gain more likes and followers on Facebook, but to no avail? We can assure you that there is still one way by which you can build a robust Facebook profile. Curious? Read on to find out more.

Facebook: The Background

         Did you know that there are roughly two billion active monthly users on Facebook (according to the statistics provided by the website in July 2019)? With so many people using the platform and with such enormous traffic generated, not all of your posts can be expected to attract equal exposure at all times of the day.

        This is where we step in. At AudienceGain, we carry the required expertise and technical know-how to pump up your ‘likes’ counter in no time. We understand where exactly it would be most appropriate to plant your profile’s promotion within the Facebook traffic to get it going.

Why is being popular on Facebook SO important?

  When it comes to influencing people with regards to current socio-economic and political developments globally, the role of Facebook remains unparalleled. Besides, the strength of a good Facebook profile can rub off on other sites such as Instagram and Snapchat.  Our team of experts at AudienceGain has a diverse set of skills to recognize the dominant trends of all social media platforms. So, this means that if you have a novel and revolutionary idea, Facebook is the quickest and cheapest platform where you can share it, while AudienceGain experts work their magic on it to make it stand out among all the trending posts.

The problems with:

Building your brand on Facebook

According to the website zephoria.com, the highest traffic on all Facebook posts is generated between 1 and 3 pm in the middle of the week in most time zones. So, if you are looking towards building a brand with a global consumer base, you might want to narrow down in a market of a specific time zone. This might become difficult if you are new to the game, i.e. if you have a start-up. Don’t worry, the AudienceGain team comes equipped with years of experience and expertise to narrow down on the most profitable consumer network. So, while you focus on your business, we will drive the demand for you.

Strengthening your personal profile

If you own an individual account and seek to increase your number of likes, the challenges are even dire. The exposure and views received by your posts within your “friends’ list” is severely limited.    

             First off, you must know that simply having a lot of Facebook friends wouldn’t naturally increase the counts of ‘likes’ on all your posts. It is necessary that a lot of friends actively interact with your posts as well. This usually happens when friends and acquaintances you talk with in real life transcribe their interactions into your online activities. Now this explains why your post reach even among your friends is so severely limited.

      This problem can be easily rectified if you subscribe to one of our “Facebook Fan Page Likes” or “Facebook Post Likes” package. These AudienceGain packages are some of the best performing ones from the entire spectrum of packages we provide. To check out their details, simply click on:

Facebook’s decreasing usage:

Even though Facebook generates a lot of traffic, seeking potential customers or fans on it is pretty much a hit-or-miss game. Also, with dwindling attention spans of the users these days, it becomes necessary to create content rich- ‘clickable’ posts to garner the maximum number of likes.

   AudienceGain comes to the rescue yet again. Your users declining attention span is no issue to us, as we use our business knowledge to decode your audience type and pitch your profile to those who might be most interested in your post’s content.

The Remedy:

       When even after all your best efforts, you don’t receive as many likes as you expect, it is time you contact AudienceGain. Read on to find out how we work together in helping you build and strengthen your Facebook profile.

How It All Works

Assuming that you must have already taken steps to further your brand on Facebook, “Facebook Ads” is one entity you could have possibly encountered. All of us know using Facebook Ads for online campaigns is way too expensive. The return on investment is not very promising either. The page or post may not receive as much active interaction as the money invested on it was supposed to make it so. This is probably the reason why you have ended up here, and such extreme luck for that to have happened! When you buyFacebook likes from us, we not only guarantee a measurable increase in Facebook likes, but also at much cheaper prices! Here is a step-by-step breakdown of how to effectively utilize the services we provide.

You, as a client of our services, would be required to grant us access via your desktop computer or laptop. Permission granted via mobile phones cannot be used to access our services.
After placing your order, your page or account will receive an “Advertiser Access Request” from us within the next twenty-four hours. You would be required to grant us access so that we could begin working on your page from there on.
Insider tip-off: We make sure that Facebook’s very own Ad Network is employed to promote your page.
Unlike other websites that promise a “likes” increment, we do not use ‘bots’ or ‘real- looking’ fake profiles to pile up your page’s likes count. Instead we indulge in aggressive promotion via Facebook’s Ad Network, to boost your page’s exposure and popularity. This is what we call the “AudienceGain” advantage. None of our counterparts can assure you this!

         Here, it becomes important to highlight the difference between real likes and ‘bot’ likes. Bot likes belong to realistic looking profiles but are in fact, fake. Although their presence may indirectly influence potential customers through intrigue, they themselves do not directly translate to spike in actual sales records. Here is why, it is better to gain likes from real Facebook users, to gauge an accurate picture of your account’s/post’s popularity.

Once you are through with your payment from among the range of services that we offer, your order becomes our number one priority. We start working upon it with immediate effect for the next 48-72 hours, until there is a visible spike in your number of likes.

We have an expert team of data analyzers and content creators that thoroughly go through each purchase request to come up with a custom-made plan for increased post/account interactivity. Once your order is placed, we spend hours to scour through your account’s audience type, content style, industry involvement, existing engagements etc. to devise strategies and techniques tailor-made for the uniqueness of your profile. Our strategy team then promotes and pushes your profile in relevant Facebook domains to achieve the desired level of engagement, without a decline in quality.

Our Money Back Guarantee

If you do not see a visible increase in the number of likes within the next 72 hours of placing your order,

you are advised to contact our 24/7 customer care helpline. In fact, we have a separate contact number for billing and refund options alone. In the highly unlikely event of performance dissatisfaction, you can demand a refund with full confidence.

Customer Care

We at AudienceGain pride ourselves in our promptness towards grievance-redressal. We respond to all customer complaints and doubts within hours of them being made, if not minutes. We have a hyperactive “Contact Us” page where all the relevant contact information such as phone number and e-mail address for quick and easy communication is available.

           Every time you make a request or a complaint, a ‘support ticket’ gets generated which remains active and valid until your issue is resolved. This helps us (and you too) in streamlining all complaints for a faster and better complaint redressal, thus maintaining optimum service standards.

Our Services

We at AudienceGain offer a wide array of services on our platter for you to choose as per your convenience. Facebook itself comprises of different components wherein likes can be gained. For example, likes on specific posts is a different concept than likes for a page. You can choose from among our services as per your needs. While placing your order on our website, all you would be required to do is click on the package you find suitable and provide your Facebook URL that you want us to work upon. Then, sit back and relax as we would take it upon ourselves to promote your page with fanatical aggression. Take a look at some of our popular Facebook related services:

• Buy Facebook Likes: If you wish to create a semblance of a swollen fan-base for your business page to attract potential customers, then this service is most suitable for you. We have packages starting from $20 for 100 new likes to $995 for 25000 new likes (most suitable if you have an expanding business or corporation).
Facebook Photo Likes: Facebook is very popular as a photo sharing platform, among other forms of media. Following closely on the heels of Instagram, sharing pictures on Facebook is more of a brand building tactic than a mere album creating activity. Since photographs and pictures on Facebook receive the maximum interaction and exposure, owing to its limited attention requirement, this facility is too good to neglect. We have packages for increasing the likes on your photos starting from 100 new likes for $12 and ending with 1000 new likes for $95.
Facebook Post Likes: Facebook posts are popular when it comes to expressing an opinion over an issue, especially dissent.  A lot of persons received media exposure (read Ben Shapiro) and got invited to news panel discussions owing to their opinion posts on social media sites, especially Facebook. If you have a news agency or publish opinion pieces regularly, then this service would suit you the most. For this, we have packages starting from $12 for 100 new likes and $95 for 1000 new likes.
Facebook Personal Profile Followers: If you wish to gain new followers (a.k.a “fans”) for your personal profile, we have a service for that too! Starting at $20 for 100 new followers, you can gain up to 1000 new followers for $120.
Facebook Shares: If you own a meme page or an opinion page, its success would rest upon the number of times its posts are shared. To give all your posts an initial boost, we offer packages starting from $12 for 500 new shares and $48 for 3000 new shares.  
Facebook Comments: Apart from the number of likes and shares that a post/page/photo receives, the only other indicator of its popularity and attractiveness is the number of comments it has gained. Needless to say, more the number of comments on a post, more exposure it gains and more new customers it attracts. This is beneficial especially if you are advertising a product or service. Our packages for this facility start from $15 for 10 new comments up till $400 for 500 new comments.

An Ideal Marketing Package

We would like to encourage you to purchase multiple Facebook engagement packages instead of just one. This way, you can optimize your social media performance and increase the blanket of exposure for your page, profile or post. Gaining likes for standalone pages or pictures would have little effect on your entire page, while simultaneously; page followers cannot be converted into loyal appreciators (read “likers”, if you may) for all your individual posts. Brand building is a slow and steady exercise that requires continual support over a long period of time. To prevent your posts from ending up as a ‘one-hit-wonder’ phenomenon, it is advisable to continue seeking our services for a considerable length of time.

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