Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Story, Videos, & Profile?

Who Viewed Your Profile, Stories & Videos on Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most popular image, story, and video sharing social media platforms that gained massive popularity in modern times. It has some unique features and it’s extremely simple to manage. It is a part of Facebook now, but still the unique identity of Instagram remains distinct. If you are someone who loves to use Instagram either for personal use or business purpose, then knowing who viewed your profile can give you a certain advantage. But, can you see who viewed your Instagram videos too?

Yes, you can.

Celebrities and business service providers today connect with their fans and potential customers through Instagram only, because it allows them to get information about who viewed their stories, profiles, and videos. They use this platform to share their social life to connect with and inspire these people. Instagram is helping many businesses, marketers, celebrities, webmasters, influencers as well as bloggers to become strong brands.

Why Do you Want to Know Who Viewed Your Profile, Stories or Videos?

The reasons for getting the information about your profile being viewed can be varied. If you are a school or college student, this will probably be of a lot of significance to you. You can also realize how popular you are as a business or an artist on Instagram. However, with popularity, you must also ensure that you need to protect your privacy. Stalkers can turn out to be dangerous and hence it is important to check out the following options to know who viewed your Instagram account.

Can you see who viewed your Instagram videos?

“Can you see who viewed your Instagram videos?” is a common question users have in their minds.

Instagram does not show the details of people who have viewed your posted videos. All it allows the user to see is the number of times any video has been viewed.

So, if you are still inquisitive to know who has given you a like for the video you have posted, all you have to do is to click on the number of video views situated at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. This opens up the username list of all people who have double tapped on your posted video.

So, in this way you can clearly know who has viewed your videos on Instagram.

View video counts on Instagram- how it works?

The feature allows you to check the popularity of a particular video on Instagram. You can explore the Follows or its views with the feature. This can help you assess and compare and can clearly see the number of views that respective video managed to gather. However, you cannot individually see who has viewed the video on your Instagram.

There are maths and metrics behind how social media works. Such metrics are used by businessmen in order to promote their products or services. Hence every piece of data, no matter how small, regarding the views of the video on Instagram counts a lot for commercial business organizations.

Businesses use video metrics as an effective marketing tool. They spend time as well as money in order to shot meaningful and high-quality video content. The views hence give the marketer a fair idea whether it is working out in favour of the company or not. So, a social media campaign is incomplete without video content.

Instagram views of videos get recorded after a minimum view time of 3 seconds. So this gives you a basic idea about how many users have actually spent a minimum of 3 seconds on watching a certain video. Hence this is the most basic metric being used by marketers.

Can you see who views your Instagram Story?

Instagram Story ranking

If you check who has watched your recent Instagram Story, you might be probably wondering how the viewers are being ranked by Instagram? What is the meaning of order, and why is your college crush always near the top of your Instagram page?

People think that ranking of your Instagram stories is usually made by the software based on the people visiting your account or profile the most. The reality is a bit more complex. As per the lead product developer of Instagram, Julian Gutman, the people with whom you engage the most are the ones who are ranked near the top and not just anyone who visits multiple times to check your profile or story.

Instagram stories are similar to the Snapchat feature called “Snapchat Stories” introduced by Snapchat back in the year 2013. This had played a big role in increasing the value of Snapchat.

Instagram Story – how it works?

The story in Instagram can be viewed only once in 24 hours. After that, it cannot be watched. So, content which has been shared in Instagram Stories will not appear in the grid of your profile or in the primary Instagram feed.

As you post a story, you can check out some basic analytics. You can see how many times each post in your own Instagram story has been viewed, as well as who has viewed it. As you watch your own Story, you can also swipe and check the data to see who has viewed each of your photos and videos.

So based on these, two basic conclusions can be made:-

  1. List of story viewers on Instagram is given in reverse chronological order until 50 views are reached.
  2. Once 50 views have been reached, the people who have interacted with the most on your Instagram account are pushed to the top. However, there is a catch. Instagram algorithms also give heaviest weight to Profile views.

Can you see who views your Instagram Profile?

There are many possibilities that your friends might be checking your profile along with your photos and videos. Now, there are ways to help you see who viewed your profile. These are some 3rd party services too, such as  Instamutual and Instaview, which allow you to check the users who have recently checked your profile. Make sure that under any circumstances, your privacy should not be hampered while you are busy making new followers. Keep any negative influence or stalkers out of your Instagram account by regularly checking out people who have viewed your account. It is always better to take precautions than regret later. If any time you feel that you do not want everyone to view what you are posting, you can even make your profile private.

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